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They passed with Atlas - you can too!

Why Atlas?

Highly Qualified Instructors We Teach Manual & Automatic We Also Certify Under the 'Pass Plus' Scheme
We'll Help You Build Confidence Regular Lesson Times for Best Progress Same Vehicle & Instructor Each Lesson, One to One

Our Pupils Say...

Huma has taught me for two months now and she has been the most incredible teacher! I've had two previous instructors through other companies but even after 18 months it hadn't 'clicked'. In the end I was told I should just try learning automatic as I would do better that way. The truth is that I just needed a more compassionate teacher, who wouldn't shout at me for making mistakes, and who would make me feel comfortable and at ease during lessons. Huma has given me that. Within two months of lessons twice a week, I was test ready, and became a confident and competent driver. I am so pleased I booked lessons with Huma and would highly recommend her to anyone. India, CR4

Peter is a great teacher and helped me pass my test with just 34 hours of lessons. It is rare for women to pass in under 40 hours so he's helped me achieve something quite amazing. Anyone looking for a driving instructor - he's the man! Nicole, Carshalton

Our local instructors cover Mitcham (CR4), Sutton (SM1, SM2, SM3) and Morden (SM4).

Please also call if you live in or around Beddington, Belmont, Carshalton, Cheam, Eastfields, Ewell, Mitcham Common, Pollards Hill, Rosehill, St Helier or Sutton Common.

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Finding a Good Driving School: Atlas' Tips

Driving Schools: What You Should Look For

Weigh All Factors: Not Just Lesson Price

Cheaper driving lessons will only save you money if you can pass having had the same time behind the wheel. With a re-test costing over £60 in fees alone (at time of writing), do you want to take the chance?

Do You Pay Per Hour - or Per Lesson?

Be sure to get the actual duration of a session so you can do a conversion to hourly rate for effective price comparison - although price is only a part of it (see below). And 'an hour' should be just that: 60 minutes, one-to-one, with you in the driver's seat.

How To Know They Are an ADI

A person licensed as an ADI will have an official badge from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, which should be fixed to the inside of their windscreen. Note the expiry date.

What is the Teacher's Car Like?

Check that it is what's called 'dual control', which means there's an additional set of foot pedals for the instructor to use if need be.

Theory Test

Are you able to get some tips on revising for your Theory Test?

Does The Tutor Keep a Record of Lessons?

The DVSA publish a syllabus on the .GOV website - this basically lists everything that will (or could) be assessed at your practical test. Your instructor should be planning lessons that take you in clear stages to a level of ability and awareness sufficient to pass this assessment.

Are Your Lessons Too Far Apart?

You should be concerned if this is the case: it's important to get behind the wheel no less than once a week. That said, learning to drive is not really something to rush either. If you leave it up to us, we'll book you in for one 120 minute lesson every week.

The Importance of a Pre-Test Lesson

Your instructor should be well aware of this, and have space earmarked to run you through all your manouevres, get you used to local traffic and roads, and make you feel competent and able in the driver's seat.

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